How Cochlear Implant Care is Changing


The number of cochlear implant (CI) candidates continues to grow due to expanding indications and an aging population. However, despite all the advancements in this field, the protocol and care model for CI patients hasn’t changed much since cochlear implants were first approved in the 1980s.(1,2)

We have been inspired by the many industry leaders who have spoken about the need for a change to the care model. As the industry leader, it is our duty to support these changes with evidence-based recommendations about how to best care for adult CI recipients. We strive to always ensure our recommendations are consistent with best practices in the industry.

To that end, we are proud to introduce our new Adult Cochlear Implant Clinical Protocol Guidance documents. Improvements include:

  • An increased focus on patient-centered care rather than time-based recommendations – in other words, providing care centered on patient need rather than the calendar
  • Data-driven recommendations and CI programming guidance
  • Suggestions on how our ground-breaking Cochlear Connected Care technologies, such as SmartNav or Remote Care, can be incorporated into the overall care model
  • Resources and tools that can be used to support patients toward more self-directed care at each stage, in accordance with patient-centered care principles
  • Guidance on performance milestones and when patients may “graduate” to maintenance care

These new documents are designed for all clinicians, no matter your skill level. If you are new to working with cochlear implants, you will find guidance on best practices for caring for your patients. If you have been working with CI patients for years, you will find new suggestions and support for incorporating new technologies.

We invite you to visit our website where you will find the new Adult CI Care Model Protocol, along with all the supporting guidance and resources at your fingertips. We recommend bookmarking this site – these documents will be updated regularly as recommendations evolve and new technologies become available.

The Adult CI Care Model Protocol can also be found here:

We are proud to support you in providing the highest level of care to your patients, and we continue to be inspired by all you do.  

1. Nassiri AM, Sorkin DL, Carlson M. (2022) Current estimates of cochlear implant utilization in the United States. Otology & Neurotology, 43(5):p e558-e562.

2. Grisel J, Miller, S, Schafer EC. (2022) A novel performance-based paradigm of care for cochlear implant follow-up. Laryngoscope, 132 Suppl 1:S1-S10.

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