6 important adult CI hearing therapy resources


With more time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, hearing therapy tools are more vital than ever to encourage proactive practice as rehabilitation can be an important component for successful outcomes. Clinicians are instrumental in motivating and equipping patients with the appropriate training resources to drive desired outcomes.

Here are a few adult-based resources to share with your patients:

Hearing therapy tips handout

These hearing therapy tips help instill confidence in hearing capabilities through varied level activities. Moreover, app and web solutions are also provided for language and word recognition lessons.

Telephone with Confidence

Want to provide resources to your patients to help with using their phone? The Telephone with Confidence program is a free service consisting of a toll-free number and rotating list of words and phrases to follow along with online as they practice using the telephone with an implantable hearing solution.

Communication Corner 

 Cochlear’s Communication Corner provides specific programs and resources that can be utilized and completed in the comfort of home. These can be tailored to meet any individual’s listening and language needs. The adult programs and activities are designed to improve listening, encourage conversations and instill confidence. Activities focus on detection, discrimination, identification and comprehension, in addition to telephone communications, music appreciation and pitch perception improvement.

Bring Back the Beat

The Bring Back the Beat app is designed to help cochlear implant recipients reconnect with music through a self-managed, game-based practice tool that facilitates music appreciation and pitch perception.  Users can monitor their own progress as they advance through the various levels.

Hearing therapy webinar

Cochlear’s Hearing Therapy Resources as a Clinic Differentiator webinar will guide you through the myriad of patient-dependent options you can utilize to support your patients.

Adult Home-based Hearing Therapy Manuals

A clinician’s version of the Adult Home-Based Hearing Therapy Manuals provides a guide for establishing an appropriate training level for newly activated CI patients and helps to better manage time spent on training of auditory skills.

The recipient manual includes a Hearing Therapy Exercise Plan, which can be completed by the clinician and the recipient for in-home training use. 

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