Introducing the Bring Back the Beat app – a new music hearing therapy tool


By Chris Wolfe, Product and Strategy Marketing Manager – Rehabilitation Services

We are proud to introduce a new hearing therapy tool for your patients – Bring Back the Beat! This newly launched app is designed to help cochlear implant recipients reconnect with music through a self-managed, game-based practice tool that facilitates music appreciation and pitch perception.  Users can monitor their own progress as they advance through the various levels. The app includes features such as technical support, user feedback and access to assistance from Cochlear Customer Service.

Research demonstrates that focused attention and listening practice can positively impact a cochlear implant patient’s appreciation of music.1 In support of that effort, Bring Back the Beat takes a new approach to therapy by offering fun games that recipients will engage with and enjoy playing, while filling a market need for more self-managed hearing therapy tools for cochlear implant recipients.

Developed in collaboration with audiologists, music perception experts and recipients, Bring Back the Beat is designed to heighten music appreciation as part of daily life, beyond the easy-to-use gaming interface.

Cochlear conducted a pilot launch of Bring Back the Beat at our recent biannual recipient Celebration event held in Nashville, TN.  Recipients had the opportunity to test-drive the new app and provide feedback on their experience, which guided developers’ final improvements prior to the official launch.

Bring Back the Beat is available for download in the US through the Apple App Store® and Google Play. Canadian app store availability will be in the coming weeks.  For more information about Bring Back the Beat please click on our flyer or visit our website.


  1. Looi V, Gfeller K, Driscoll V. Music appreciation and training for Cochlear implant recipients: a review. Semin Hear. 2012 Nov 1;3(4):307–334.
*Some Cochlear recipients may have experience with the app due to their attendance at our Celebration event held in February.
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