Best practices for hearing implant surgical approvals, appeals and advocacy



By guest author: Nicole Craig

Obtaining commercial insurance coverage for implantable hearing solutions can present unfamiliar challenges for your office as this may be a limited portion of your practice. Although most commercial plans cover cochlear implants and osseointegrated bone anchored systems, each plan follows their own medical policies and prior authorization requirements. In addition, each plan may have different coinsurance, deductibles, and out of pocket maximums based on each individual member’s benefit coverage.

A division of Cochlear Americas, Otologic Management Services (OMS) is a dedicated team of reimbursement specialists who are available, at no-cost, to help healthcare providers and candidates obtain the necessary insurance approval or to support appeals where coverage has been denied for Cochlear’s Nucleus® Cochlear Implants or Baha® Systems for medically qualified candidates.

As experts in medical insurance advocacy, OMS has an extensive knowledge of health insurance plans. With over 56 years combined industry experience they understand that not all insurance policies are the same. OMS partners with candidates and healthcare providers to provide navigational support of the health insurance maze.

Join us for a webinar to learn some best practices you can implement to help navigate through the insurance maze successfully and effectively advocate for insurance coverage for your patients. Each session will have an OMS representative as well as a Regional Reimbursement Manager available to answer questions.

OMS for professionals

Surgical Approval, Appeals and Advocacy Best Practices Webinar Dates:

4/30 11 am MST

8/20 12:30 pm MST

12/20 1 pm MST

Email with the specific date to register.


About our guest author:

Nicole Craig is the Senior Manager of Managed Care and Market Access for Cochlear Americas. She oversees OMS and managed care contracting for Cochlear’s external DME replacement parts and accessories. Cochlear offers coding assistance through the Coding Support Line accessible by calling 1-800-587-6910 between the hours of 8 AM – 3 PM Mountain time zone or via email at For pre-surgical insurance support, OMS is available to assist with pre-authorizations and appeals and can be reached at 1-800-633-4667 option 4.

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