Adult home-based hearing therapy manuals for you and your patients


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The cochlear implant journey doesn’t stop at surgery.

Hearing therapy, or rehabilitation, may be an important component for successful hearing outcomes. As clinicians, you are instrumental in getting your patients motivated and equipped with the appropriate training resources to improve listening skills and communication strategies to drive desired outcomes.

On top of that, you are managing the ever-growing demands of your practice and patient population. Finding sufficient time to train each newly activated CI patient on auditory skills may be difficult.

professionalClinician-guided home practice consolidates and supplements the work done in the clinic and plays a vital role in the post-implant process. It enables the patient to practice within their own listening environment, rather than the controlled environmental conditions within the clinic. Home-based practice tools also allow patients the opportunity to become more proficient at listening to their most frequent communication partners.

Beginning early October 2019, all adult cochlear implant system and upgrade kits will include Cochlear’s Adult Home-Based Hearing Therapy Manual. A clinician’s version of the manual can be ordered directly from your Cochlear representative or can be downloaded and printed online. This manual will guide you in establishing an appropriate training level for each of your newly activated CI patients and help to better manage time spent on training of auditory skills.

The recipient manual includes a Hearing Therapy Exercise Plan, which can be completed by the clinician and the recipient for in-home training use. Download and print a copy of the recipient manual for your use now.

We developed these to provide hands-on hearing therapy materials that are adaptable, covering a range of auditory abilities and designed to supplement the work done in the clinic, not to replace it.

To learn more about professional rehabilitation resources please visit our rehabilitation resources website.

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