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Staying up-to-date on the latest hearing industry trends, research and innovations is key in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Watch these important clinical and surgical webinars to augment your armamentarium:

Remote Care Solutions

Take an in-depth look at Cochlear’s remote care solutions that are enabling new patient care options. Hear directly from clinician-based colleagues regarding their experience with key remote care resources, clinical care and recipient resources.

Standard of Care: International Consensus and Candidacy Evaluation for Cochlear Implant Use in Adults: An Audiological Perspective

This course focuses on the methodology and findings from a recent International systematic review and consensus process, establishing a standard of care for the treatment of adult patients with unilateral cochlear implant for bilateral severe, profound or moderate sloping-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss.

The Future of Clinical Care 3-part workshop

This course reviews the data that could help address the stress points identified as the medical landscape has changed in recent years.

Other topics covered:

  • Role of fitting software in supporting clinicians and ensuring consistency in outcomes
  • New tools and resources available to support their cochlear implant recipients now and into the future
  • How new products impact clinic productivity

Maximizing the Possibilities: Introducing Cochlear’s latest product innovations

Don’t miss this overview of Cochlear’s latest innovations and expanding Nucleus® product portfolio including:

  • Kanso® 2 Sound Processor
  • Custom Sound® Pro fitting software
  • Nucleus 7 for N22 recipients
  • New electrode offering
  • Remote care solutions

The Cochlear™ Osia® System – An introduction

Join us for an overview of the revolutionary Cochlear Osia System! This one-hour program includes topics such as candidacy, design features and a surgical/audiological overview. Also, hear from guest speaker Dr. Michael Oldenburg who shares his experience implanting this innovative new system.

Candidacy and Counseling for Cochlear Bone Conduction Solutions

This course is designed for audiologists who work with patients who have single-sided deafness (SSD), conductive or mixed hearing losses. It discusses candidacy for bone conduction treatment options, including the Osia System and Baha® Systems, and will provide tips to support demonstration, counseling and treatment planning for patients.

The Evolution of Pediatric Candidacy for Cochlear Implants: A New Indication

This course is designed for audiologists who treat hearing loss in children. It provides information on pediatric candidacy for cochlear implants, including Cochlear’s recent FDA approval which allows implantation in children as young as nine months of age.

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