5 online learnings for your clinical armamentarium


Whether at home or in the clinic, these online learnings can help you stay current on relevant topics:

Cochlear webinars

Discover educational webinars delivered live by experts in the field of hearing implants discussing a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Advancements in CI: A data driven perspective
  • The Cochlear™ Osia® System
  • The Profile™ Plus Implant

AudiologyOnline courses

AudiologyOnline courses provide educational options for hearing care professionals to increase their clinical knowledge and skills. Our courses include:

  • Benefits Afforded by Precurved Electrode Arrays: Speech and Auditory Perception for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients
  • Setting a New Benchmark with the Slim Modiolar Electrode
  • Bone Conduction Solutions for Children with Conductive, Mixed or Unilateral Hearing Loss

AudiologyOnline interviews

AudiologyOnline interviews provide an in-depth look at clinical topics in Q&A format from various professionals. Recent interviews include:

  •   Introducing the Baha® Lend an Ear Program
  •   Non-Surgical Baha® Options for Children: Key Considerations
  •   Introducing Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor with Expanded Connectivity

Cochlear NEXT CI532 study discussion

In Spring 2019, sixty-five otology and audiology professionals came together for Cochlear NEXT, a program focused on discussion regarding Cochlear’s CI532 Clinical Study and the respective implications of this emerging and impactful data. This video series captures the highlights of the day’s presentations with a focus on the surgical and clinical outcomes of the CI532 Clinical Study.

TECH Talk videos

TECH Talks is a peer-to-peer educational video series designed for professionals to hear the latest from experts in the field of implantable hearing solutions. Videos include:

  •  Dr. Friedmann – The Slim Modiolar Electrode
  •  Dr. Kaplan – Reliability Reporting
  •  Dr. Ittner – Cochlear Mini Microphone 2+

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