4 hearing preservation conversations to consider


Although hearing preservation may not yet fully be defined, recent research developments have spurred a movement in the cochlear implant industry to more routinely consider the implications of hearing preservation in the hearing implant journey.

Have you joined in the conversation on this hot topic? Check out these 4 hearing preservation discussion resources:

TECH Talk: Improvements in hearing preservation research

Dr. David Friedmann, Neurotologist at NYU, explains how the movement to routinely consider hearing preservation has helped to progress the cochlear implant from solely a communication device to a more holistic, natural auditory experience.  He also discusses the surgical, audiological and patient-oriented perspectives and outcomes associated with the topic.

Cochlear NEXT CI532 Clinical Study Insights – Is hearing preservation possible with CI532?

In Spring 2019, sixty-five otology and audiology professionals came together for Cochlear NEXT, a program focused on learning and discussion regarding Cochlear’s CI532 Clinical Study and the respective implications of this emerging and impactful data. This proceedings summary reviews the primary talking points and output from the day’s third and final topic of hearing preservation.

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Cochlear NEXT: Is preservation possible with the CI532 electrode?

Group Product Manager for Cochlear Nucleus® Systems Ryan Lopez explores the clinical data from Cochlear’s multi-center trial on the CI532 as well as recently published data on the CI532 Slim Modiolar electrode. Lopez highlights the various aspects of measurable, structural and functional preservation.

ProNews Blog: Preservation is possible

As we become more confident in cochlear implant outcomes, more patients with residual hearing after surgery are being evaluated for cochlear implant candidacy.  How do we manage these patients? What electrodes should be used to preserve and maximize acoustic hearing after surgery? This blog examines if the Slim Modiolar electrode’s atraumatic design and consistent scala tympani placement impact the ability of Slim Modiolar to preserve residual hearing in some patients.

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