Skilled clinicians’ new sound processor experiences


Looking to start conversations with your patients on how to gain access to updated sound processor technology? Read more from these clinicians:

Upgrade benefits and advancements in cochlear implant sound processor technology

By Camille Dunn,  PhD, CCC-A, Director of Cochlear Implants in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Iowa

Dr. Dunn describes three significant improvements in sound processor technology including wear-ability, streaming/connectivity and sound processing.

The benefits of upgrading to new technology

By Allison Biever, AuD, Rocky Mountain Ear Center

Why upgrade to newer technology? Dr. Biever shares her experience working with cochlear implant recipients to maximize hearing outcomes.

How upgrade technology can lead to better hearing

By Jolie Fainberg, AuD, Cochlear Implant Program Director at Atlanta Institute for ENT

With 34 years of cochlear implant experience, Dr. Fainberg discusses upgrading patients to the latest Nucleus® Sound Processors.

Read more about upgrade technology here and watch this AudiologyOnline course!

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