World Hearing Day 2020


March 3rd is World Hearing Day and we’re proud to partner with you to champion hearing health in your practice and around the globe.

Do your patient know their numbers?

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic medical conditions in the United States, with the prevalence of hearing loss doubling with each age decade.1  And as hearing health professionals, we know that awareness and action around hearing health is essential to maintaining an active and independent lifestyle as we age. 

Unsurprisingly, while 20/20 ‘normal’ vision is an almost universally recognized measure, a recent survey demonstrates that few have been introduced to the concept of hearing 20/20 as a hearing health benchmark (20dB PTA at 250, 500, 1000hz).2

In fact, this survey of 1250 individuals aged 50-80 reveals that 79% are unaware of a standard definition of normal hearing and only 27% indicate they will have their hearing evaluated in the next 12 months.2

Hearing 2020 – a call to action for hearing health awareness!

By building awareness around ‘normal’ hearing, patients and their primary healthcare providers may enact more proactive, preventive measures to ensure hearing loss is identified and treated early and appropriately.

Join us in making Hearing 2020 a meaningful measure! Visit this website to access valuable tools and resources to spread the word.


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