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A new AudiologyOnline series is now available: Foundations of Bone Conduction. This course is part of Cochlear’s Foundations series, providing professionals new to hearing implants the foundational knowledge needed to begin working with patients.

Course Details

 Course 1:  Cochlear Osia System Technology: In this session, you’ll learn about Osia® System technology and how to counsel and support patients. Watch now!

Course 2: Fitting the Cochlear Osia System: In this session, learn about fitting the Cochlear Osia System and information regarding magnet strength and Digital Link Calibration. Watch now!

Course 3: Baha Technology: After attending this course, you’ll be able to discuss the features and benefits of Baha® Systems, including the Baha 6 Max Sound Processor and will be informed about choosing sound processors and accessories for patients based on pre-operative testing. Watch now!

Course 4: Fitting Baha Sound Processors: Learn how to fit Baha 6 Max Sound Processors to patients with both surgical and non-surgical Baha solutions. Topics include surgical aftercare, connecting the device, programming considerations and follow up care. Watch now!

Course 5: Candidacy and Counseling:  Learn how to determine if someone is a candidate for bone conduction technology using Baha Start, the Osia System or the Baha System. Topics will include testing for candidacy, counseling potential candidates and demonstrating Bone Conduction systems. Watch now!

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