Clinical Recommendations for Effective Electric-Acoustic Stimulation Treatment for Patients with Severe High-Frequency Hearing Loss


Clinical White Paper

In October 2022, Cochlear’s Clinical Team hosted a customer workshop, “Considerations for Effective Treatment of Severe High-Frequency Sensorineural Hearing Loss.” This meeting brought together 27 Key Opinion Leaders (14 surgeons and 13 audiologists) from across the United States and was moderated by Dr. Bruce Gantz and Dr. Camille Dunn from the University of Iowa and Dr. René Gifford from Vanderbilt University. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and gather group agreement on key areas of Electric-acoustic Stimulation (EAS) clinical care including candidacy, definition of hearing preservation functional vs. measurable, programming guidelines, and product enhancements.

The Clinical Team is pleased to share with you a White Paper below summarizing the benefits of EAS technology and the EAS clinical care recommendations based on the outcomes of the Thought Leader Workshop. Here is a sneak peak of what can be found in the White Paper.

What are the benefits of EAS over electric-only?

What terminology is used when describing different device configurations?

Who are EAS candidates?

What other EAS care recommendations can be found in the White Paper?

  • Surgical recommendations
  • Programming recommendations
  • Postoperative evaluation care model
  • Reporting results

Click here to access the full White Paper.

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