Best ways to use Hearing Tracker with your pediatric patients



Hearing Tracker is a feature on the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Smart App that allows audiologists and parents to collect data regarding a child’s “Time in Speech” and “Coil Offs”. This information can be important for pediatric patients in order to set and reach particular hearing goals. It also gives parents real-time data to make sure their child is wearing their Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor in situations when parents may not be around; like at school or other activities.

Hearing TrackerHearing Tracker

Hearing TrackerConsistent access to sound is important for speech and language development in pediatric patients. For this reason, Hearing Tracker can be a useful tool for parents and audiologists to be able to track “Time in Speech”. The Nucleus 7 Sound Processor monitors the user’s environment to determine when speech is present. Hearing Tracker takes this a step further and measures the time spent in environments with speech sounds (this includes use of accessory devices) and compiles into one easy view summary chart. Parents and clinicians can use this summary chart to set daily goals for time in speech within hearing tracker.

Another key feature with Hearing Tracker is the “Coil Offs”. “Coil Offs” is the measurement for the number of times in a given day in which the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor coil is disconnected from the cochlear implant. This number will vary between individuals depending on their lifestyle. The data comes from the number of instances where the coil is taken off over a week’s time in order to establish a baseline. Once the parent establishes a baseline of “Coil Offs” for their child, they can then set goals to improve that number.

In order to optimize the Hearing Tracker feature on your patient’s Nucleus Smart App, they must enable their Bluetooth® and keep the Nucleus Smart App is running on their compatible Apple device.

Visit the Cochlear website for more information on Hearing Tracker and the Nucleus Smart App.


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