An Audiologist’s first impression of the new Cochlear™ Baha® SoundArc



Have you had a chance to learn about the newest non-surgical bone conduction option – the Baha® SoundArc? Jane Beavan, AuD, describes her initial clinical impressions of the new Baha SoundArc. Dr. Beavan discusses the ease of fitting and customizing the Baha SoundArc to suit each patients’ unique needs.

“The patients that have used the SoundArc so far have given us some very positive feedback. They feel it is very comfortable, they are very happy with the retention and cosmetically it has allowed them to use it in lots of different situations.” –Jane Beavan, AuD

The Baha SoundArc can be used in demonstration, evaluation and trial in order to determine patient candidacy.

  • Demonstration – a quick, limited Baha experience where the sound processor may be used in the “demo” setting and is not properly programmed. An audiologist, a tech, etc. can do this.
  • Evaluation – an audiological evaluation to test the potential benefits of the Baha System. The sound processor is fit using the proper software and an Audiologist will test speech perception.
  • Trial – the candidate is given the Baha system to try for a certain period of time. During a trial, the sound processor is properly programmed using software. A trial can happen either in the clinic or at the patient’s home.

Help your patients get the full demo experience with the Baha SoundArc Fitting Guide.

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