ADA Conference – AuDacity 2021 Audiology Unleashed


ADA Conference – AuDacity 2021 Audiology Unleashed

We’re looking forward to participating in the AuDacity 2021 conference on October 25th -27th, presented by Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA)! Come visit us in the Exhibitor Hall to learn about new product information, referral criteria and services to help you and your patients.  In addition, join us for an exciting presentation, on Monday, October 25, 2021 @ 3:00PM – 4:25PM.

Presented by Ginger Grant, Au.D., Professional Education Manager and Catherine Richardson, M.A., Director Market Expansion and Integration

The Keys to Successful Integration of Implantable Hearing Solutions in a Private Practice

Adding any new service to an audiologist’s private practice offering requires extensive consideration of business growth and development requirements and opportunities while always focusing on obtaining the best possible patient outcomes. It is now well established that audiologists in a private practice setting can successfully integrate implantable hearing solutions, allowing providers to both keep existing and attract new patients, while developing partnerships in the medical community and tapping into an alternate revenue source for the practice. The purpose of this session is to review various considerations necessary to elevate this opportunity to the highest level for the practice owners and patients alike. To learn more about the session, please visit AuDacity 2021 – conference agenda.

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