TECH Talk: Kali Markle, AuD, discusses how the Cochlear™ Mini Microphone 2+ can help your patients in the classroom and beyond


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Pediatric Audiologist, Kali Markle, Au.D., reviews and summarizes her CI2018 lecture “Beyond the Classroom” which features her experiences with the Mini Microphone 2+ (MM2+) as an affordable and portable option for children at home, in the classroom and beyond.

Dr. Markle, says the Cochlear™ Mini Microphone 2+ is a great tool for students with cochlear implants, both inside and outside the classroom. In school, the Mini Microphone 2+ can replace or connect to a traditional FM System in order to keep the child engaged with their teacher, as well as their classmates. The Mini Microphone 2+ can also help keep children of all ages connected to sound in a variety of different situations, such as the car, early intervention sessions and extracurricular activities, to name a few.

Dr. Markle says, “This remote microphone technology is so important because children need at least 45 million words before the age of four to be successful in school and reading and literacy.”1,2

Watch the new TECH Talks video from Dr. Kali Markle and stay tuned for additional TECH Talks from other industry experts!

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