Close the Gap: Hear how the Cochlear™ Baha® System helped Michelle close her air-bone gap



The Cochlear™ Baha® System has the power to close the gap between the air and bone line for mixed and conductive hearing loss candidates with a 30 dB or greater loss.

Hear from Baha recipient, Michelle, about how she closed her air-bone gap with the Baha System.

“My hearing loss journey has been a long process of embarrassment, frustration and denial. During childhood, I had tubes in my ears, many painful ear infections and drank multiple prescriptions of pink bubblegum flavored amoxicillin (medicine used to treat ear infections).


Fast forward to my 20s when the chronic ear infections continued onward! Just whispering the word ‘water’ in my ear would prompt an infection. My ENT at the time was at a loss, and I was tired of all the antibiotics, so she referred me to a doctor who diagnosed me with a cholesteatoma (the scar tissue from the excessive ear infections trapped the moisture and bacteria behind my eardrum and caused more growth of tissue). My first surgery removed the tissue, and my doctor inserted a T-tube; the procedure bought me two years of no infections and having hearing in my left ear.

Unfortunately, my hearing began to deteriorate again, I was in denial over my hearing situation. I felt depressed when I could not hear properly, but continued to let it go. One day, my daughter was whispering something into my ‘bad ear,’ and I could not hear her. I had reached my limit, so I returned to my doctor, and he recommended I try the Cochlear™ Baha® System.

Initially I was afraid of the surgery, but the second my audiologist placed the demo Baha 5 Sound Processor on me, WOW! I could not wait to get it! We opted for the abutment because the doctor had much success with the product. Surgery was about 45 minutes long and went incredibly well, I had minor pain, but never enough to use the prescribed pain medicines. The day the healing cap came off was amazing; the abutment and area around it looked so good. I had a small strip of hair shaved, but I had a huge support group around me to make me feel confident in my decision. We even joked that if people stared at me, I could touch the abutment and act like I was a secret agent.

Michelle's Audiogram

I am a mail carrier and the Baha 5 Implant System has given me a new joy in all the sounds I hear outside throughout the day on my route. The sound of crinkling leaves and pine needles under my feet is so amazing; I never realized how noisy the world is.

I now feel more confident in conversations and cannot wait to continue on my hearing journey. I actually enjoy using my device as a demo for my friends to hear the sound I hear. Having the surgery and getting the Baha 5 Implant System has changed my life, and I truly wish I had done it sooner.”

Download our Close the Gap two-pager for more information on closing your patients’ air-bone gap.


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