Clinical Quick Tips: Power and Style with the Baha® SoundArc


The Baha® SoundArc is a brand new, discreet wearing option. Whether it is during the first demo or for long-term use, the Baha SoundArc helps patients to hear their best with the Baha® 5 portfolio of powerful sound processors.

SoundArc reference guide

The Baha SoundArc is designed to flow with the contours of the head, creating a discreet and modern look. SoundArc is the latest non-surgical alternative to SoftBand for pediatric patients under five years of age. Soft silicone grips offer solid retention with a snug and comfortable fit.  Easily customizable with four different sizes, the Baha SoundArc offers several options of color tips and a flexible steel spring band that fits neatly around the head. The Connector disc is optimized for use with any of the Baha 5 Sound Processors and is movable, which allows the clinician to treat a wide variety of hearing loss and find the optimal position for sound transmission.

Above is a helpful, easy-to-reference guide to help during counseling about the exciting new features the Baha SoundArc has to offer.

Download the image above to your desktop for quick and easy referencing when counseling your patients about the new Baha SoundArc.

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