Clinical Quick Tips: Introducing Baha® Active Bilateral Directionality


With the recent update of Baha® Fitting Software (BFS), Cochlear is pleased to introduce several new features and improvements to make BFS 5.4 more user-friendly, especially for bilateral fittings.

In a conventional bone conduction system, bilateral sound processors work independently with no exchange of information between the pair and effectively splitting the soundscape into two listening environments. This usually results in symmetrical directionality listening modes.

However, listening environments can be complex and noisy with speech coming from multiple directions and surrounding background noise. In these situations, an asymmetric directionality mode may help the patient’s hearing performance.

Active Bilateral Directionality is switched on by default for bilateral fittings. It can be turned off if desired in the software in each program independently (except in Softband).

If you would like more information about the recent fitting software update, please reach out to your local Cochlear Americas representative or visit the “Software Support” resource section in myCochlear Clinic for the link to register and download the new BFS 5.4 software.

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