Finding Cochlear™ Baha® upgrade patients in Noah® 4


By Danielle Clark, Product Marketing Manager, Recipient Services

Our newest technology is designed to help your patients hear their best. Although you know there are patients that could benefit from upgrading to new technology, it may initially seem like a complicated process to identify them in order to start these discussions. However, Noah® 4 can serve as a helpful resource to quickly get a list of your upgrade eligible patients. The patient search function in Noah 4 can be used to identify patients who may be eligible for an upgrade.   

Baha patients

1. Click the Advanced search button in Noah 4 and ensure any prior search values are cleared, by using the ‘Clear’ button (see figure 1).

Fig. 1

2. Select a fitting end date that matches typical reimbursement requirements – typically five years is the time period for the “useful life” of a sound processor for many insurance providers. For example, to find patients with a sound processor that is five years old as of January 1, 2021, enter January 1, 2016 (01/01/2016) as the fitting end date to find all patients fitted before this date. (See figure 2).

Fig. 2

3. Leave the fitting start date blank, or enter a fitting start date to narrow down the search.

4. Select Cochlear as a manufacturer.

5. Click ‘Search.’

6. A list of Baha patients eligible for an upgrade will appear in the Noah patient browser.

To find more information about upgrading to share with your patients visit

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