2020 Annual Reliability Report


Dear Cochlear Professional,

Cochlear is proud to share our 2020 Annual Reliability Report.

With more than two decades of reporting on reliability, the data and information can be interpreted in numerous ways; however, we believe two themes are most relevant today. The first is Cochlear’s commitment to transparency in reporting, and the second is the importance of reliability over time.

Transparency in reporting

Cochlear releases an updated report on an annual basis.  In addition to our standard report, in 2019 Cochlear was the first to comply with an industry-driven partnership that developed reporting guidelines compliant with ANSI/AAMI standards. As a result, our reporting has further increased in transparency to focus on three key areas.

  1. Implant reliability reporting based on Cumulative Survival Rate (Cochlear Annual Report)
  2. Sound processor reliability reporting (Cochlear Annual Report and ANSI/AAMI Report)
  3. Implant reliability report based on device removals (ANSI/AAMI Report)

Importance of reliability over time

Historically, cochlear implants have demonstrated a strong implant reliability record within the first few years. Some might even say there is no significant difference between brands in this timeframe. However, what really matters is the reliability of a device over time; this is where the differences in quality and design truly emerge. 

Cochlear puts the patient at the center of all we do, and we are responsible to ensure professionals and patients have access to the full picture of implant reliability. Some manufacturers have made the decision to post headlines and callouts on candidate facing content platforms citing “100% Reliability”. However, these strong claims can come with disclaimers in the fine print such as device reliability within one year only or data cited after removing certain categories of failures, such as impact related failures.

The reality is Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implants have demonstrated strong and industry leading reliability over decades – not just the first few years. Notably, our CI24RE (Freedom®) Implants, first introduced in 2005, show 99.0% cumulative survival rate within 16 years. This is outstanding reliability and the next generation Profile™ and Profile Plus devices are trending towards even better reliability than this incredible industry benchmark1.

This is why having access to and understanding the complete data and information is important. At Cochlear, we are committed to notifying professionals of updated reporting, including the latest data in our professional and candidate resources, and making the reports easily accessible on Cochlear.com. I encourage you to read our reports and understand the differences to other brands. Your patients deserve it.


Tony Manna

President, Cochlear Americas

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  1. Cochlear Nucleus Implant Reliability Report. Volume 19 | December 2020. D1805413 Cochlear Ltd; December 2020.

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