TECH Talk: How Cochlear’s Baha® 5 System Features Transform, Empower and Innovate to Improve Patient Outcomes


TECH Talk Baha 5 to Improve Patient Outcomes

Rom Mendel, President of Cochlear Acoustics, reaffirms Cochlear’s promise to help patients hear now and always.

Highlighting Baha 5® System features, Cochlear continues to transform, empower and innovate through redesigned external sound processors, innovative implant technology and simplified surgical procedures.

Further, the Mini Microphone, Phone Clip and TV Streamer, which are Bluetooth compatible, afford patient access to ultimate wireless connectivity.

Mendel emphasizes how preference and personalization are readily available to each patient through Baha’s single implant, two-system setup. Patients can choose from a wide range of discreet sound processors or opt for non-surgical opportunities such as Baha® Softband and SoundArc.

Mendel concludes with potential benefits of bilateral Baha usage including reduced listening fatigue, improved directionality and improved overall quality of life.

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