3 articles on new sound processor technology and why it can matter to your patients


Cochlear sound processor technology has significantly evolved over the years, improving  hearing performance and quality of life for cochlear implant recipients. Here are three research articles to support starting the conversation with your eligible patients:

1. Benefits in noise from sound processor upgrade in thirty-three cochlear implant users for more than 20 years

Mosnier et al., 2020

Authors explore how upgrading cochlear implant recipients who were implanted more than 20 years ago with recent compatible and new technological sound processors provide benefit in speech recognition in noise.

2. Association of Speech Processor Technology and Speech Recognition Outcomes in Adult Cochlear Implant Users

Dixon et al., 2019

This article highlights how newer speech processors are associated with improved CNC scores independent of the year of device implantation and expanding candidacy criteria.

3. Controlled comparative clinical trial of hearing benefit outcomes for users of the Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 7 Sound Processor with mobile connectivity

Warren et al., 2019

Authors conclude that the incremental refinements provided by the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor provide real-world benefits in key areas such as upgraded wireless connectivity.

Read more about upgrade technology here and watch this AudiologyOnline course!

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