Quick Tips: Virtual Surgical Support


Here is a fact that may surprise you: Cochlear has been providing Virtual Surgical Support since 2014! We have a world-class surgical team with exceptional experience who are available and dedicated to assist surgeons and operating room (OR) staff before, during and/or after Cochlear surgical cases.

What areas of support does our virtual surgical team provide?

  • Real-time OR surgical support for Cochlear’s hearing implants including Cochlear™ Nucleus® Systems, Osia® Systems and Baha® Systems
  • Pre-Surgical planning prior to a procedure
  • Post-Surgical discussions
  • SmartNav and intra-operative diagnostic support

Virtual support from Cochlear’s surgical team provides flexibility when in-person assistance isn’t possible. Their expertise reinforces existing knowledge, addresses questions promptly, and contributes to outstanding results in the operating room.

Visit our online booking page to schedule surgical support. We also suggest bookmarking this webpage for easy access in the future.

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