ForwardFocus can help your Nucleus® 7 patients hear better in noisy environments


Nucleus 7

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor is the world’s first and only cochlear implant sound processor you can control from your Apple® or Android™ device when using the Nucleus® Smart App.1,2 Along with the recent release of the Nucleus Smart App for Android, Cochlear has also added a first-of-its-kind control feature called ForwardFocus* available to compatible smartphone users of the app.

ForwardFocus is a user-activated control feature, which helps the wearer to hear better3 in challenging listening environments. When switched on, the ForwardFocus feature reduces distracting noise coming from behind a person, so they can more easily enjoy a face-to-face conversations.4


Cochlear’s industry leading technology, SmartSound® iQ (SSiQ) with SCAN**, seamlessly combines multiple sound algorithms to help patients hear their best by automatically and continually monitoring their environment.5 ForwardFocus is an additional clinician-enabled user-activated feature, which will work in conjunction with SSiQ to give the user further improved hearing performance in background noise.

Watch the video below to see how ForwardFocus works.


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* ForwardFocus can only be enabled by a hearing implant specialist. It should only be activated for users 12 years and older who are able to reliably provide feedback on sound quality and understand how to use the feature when moving to different or changing environments. It may be possible to have decreased speech understanding when using ForwardFocus in a quiet environment.
** SNR-NR and WNR are approved for use with any recipient ages 6 years and older, who is able to 1) complete objective speech perception testing in quiet and in noise in order to determine and document performance 2) report a preference for different program settings. SCAN is FDA approved for use with any recipient age 6 years old and older, to be used at the discretion of the recipient/parent/caregiver.
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The Cochlear Nucleus Smart App is available on App Store and Google Play. For compatibility information visit
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