Feel the Beat, a dance studio for people with hearing loss, uses state-of-the-art bone conduction technology in their vibrational dancefloor


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Feel the Beat is a dance studio for people with hearing loss in Denver, Colorado. As a local nonprofit in Denver, where the Cochlear Americas headquarters is located, we are excited to raise awareness about how they are changing our local community. Feel the Beat’s mission is to bring music and dance to all, whether they are deaf, hard of hearing or special needs, anyone can take class and fit right in.

As a dance studio for people with hearing loss, Feel the Beat is dedicated to making music and dance accessible to all. They accomplished this goal by building a specialized vibrational dancefloor embedded with Bone Conduction technology. This allows students with a conductive or mixed hearing loss to be able to hear the music, and lets all students feel the music as the floor vibrates through their bones. Students at Feel the Beat can feel all aspects of the music, including distinction of instruments, singing, beat, rhythm and bass regardless of the type and degree of hearing loss.

More about the Technology tansducer

Feel the Beat’s specialized flooring combines vibrations from transducers and pliable material that reverberates with the beat. To put it simply, transducers are pieces of equipment that transform sound into vibrations that can be both felt and heard through the body (similarly the way a Baha system works). The TST429 Platinum Professional Transducer provides the ultimate performance and output of full-fidelity, full-frequency sound with a frequency response from 5Hz to 17kHz. With these transducers embedded into Feel the Beat’s specially engineered dance floor–magic happens! Beat, rhythm, bass and all other aspects of music are transformed from auditory signals into vibrations, making music uniquely accessible to all students through physical sensation.

How can this be beneficial to your patients?Feel the Beat

Research shows that there are many ways children benefit from dance and movement. When children are engaged in dance and movement, they experience enhanced physical development, emotional maturity, cognitive development, self-confidence and social awareness. 1 Dancing is a medium through which individuals who have hearing loss can more openly express their thoughts and feelings and enjoy this form of physical communication on a higher level.


If your patients live near Denver, Colorado (or are visiting), let them know about Feel the Beat and give them the opportunity to feel the music for themselves.

Learn more about Feel the Beat and their specialized dancefloor in this local news story.

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