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Dr. Dana Suskind, cochlear implant surgeon and author of Thirty Million Words, discusses the importance of a language-rich environment for children; including those with hearing loss and those who use cochlear implants. Dr. Suskind explains that implanting a child with a cochlear implant is the first step to hearing; however, a rich language environment is vital for allowing the child to reach their full hearing, speech and academic potential.

Hear from Dr. Suskind about the new feature with the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor and the Nucleus® Smart App called, Hearing Tracker. With Hearing Tracker, Dr. Suskind says, “Parents are going to have the power, within their own hands, to see the language environment their children are going to be exposed to. And then, impact it!”

Hearing Tracker records and displays data on a bar graph that is easy for the recipient, or parents, to interpret. This function tracks and plots the following factors separately per side:

  • Time in Speech – refers to the amount of time during a day that the recipient is in an environment that contains speech.
  • Coil Offs – refers to the number of times in a day the sound processor coil is disconnected from the patient’s implant.

Watch the new TECH Talks video from Dr. Dana Suskind and stay tuned for additional TECH Talks from other industry experts.

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